Santino Cara

Sacred and classical music composer

Piano transcriptions of the Eight Preludes and Fugues of J.S Bach, BWV 553/560

ComposerJohann Sebastian Bach
Arranger Santino Cara
PublisherSantino Cara
Genre Classical / Piece
Instrumentation Piano
Scored forSolo
Type of scoreFor a single performer
Movement(s) 1 to 8 from 8
Duration 18'31"
Difficulty Medium
Year of composition 2013
Transcripions for piano by Santino Cara

These eight “Preludes and Fugues”, are part of the eight small “Preludes and Fugues” that Bach wrote in Weimar, a work intended for educational purposes to students organists.
Indice / Content

Prelude and Fugue no.1 in C major BWV 553
Prelude and Fugue no.2 in D minor BWV 554
Prelude and Fugue no.3 in E minor BWV 555
Prelude and Fugue no.4 in F major BWV 556
Prelude and Fugue no.5 in G major BWV 557
Prelude and Fugue no.6 in G minor BWV 558
Prelude and fugue no.7 in A minor BWV 559
Prelude and Fugue no.8 in B flat major BWV 560

Upload date: 16 Sep 2013