Santino Cara

Sacred and classical music composer

Mozart - The Six Milanese Quartets - Piano version, K.155/160

ComposerWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arranger Santino Cara
PublisherSantino Cara
Genre Classical
Instrumentation Piano
Scored forSolo
Type of scorePiano score
Movement(s) 1 to 6 from 6
Difficulty Advanced
Year of composition 1772
Piano version of "The Six Milanese Quartets" for two violins, viola and cello, composed in Milan between 1772 and the 1773 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, transcribed for piano in Rome in 2002 by Santino Cara.

2-1 K.155 in D major
3-2 K.156 in G major
4-3 K.157 in C major
5-4 K.158 in F major
6-5 K.159 in B-flat major
7-6 K.160 in E-flat major

Upload date: 30 Jan 2016